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GCE is the source for Safety (see link below for code), a security product for VMS which is distributed on VMS SIG tapes. If your needs are for somewhat more advanced capabilities contact us. On this site are sources for Safety and AnalyRim (or Analyticalc; it was renamed several times from Vizikludge to Portacalc to Analyticalc to Analyrim), a spreadsheet designed in 1982 and first published late that year, which has numerous functions and abilities and incorporates a relational database (RIM) and functions to access it within the spreadsheet. Also here are sources to Safety as developed circa 1993, and a number of articles mostly about information security systems. AnalyRim and Safety have appeared in DECUS SIG tapes over the years, which is public information.

This site contains a number of utility, security, and technical articles of general interest. The "Links" section at the bottom of this page contains this information. Some information security and authentication innovations are there, and also code for the AnalyRim spreadsheet and DBMS system, including the Linux version, are present. There are some thoughts on encryption systems, and I expect there to be some commentary on the usefulness of thorium based nuclear power (a topic well worth thinking about, as it avoids most of the problems caused by using uranium or plutonium).

(The site is owned and operated by Glenn and Mary Everhart)

Description of Safety

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Mail for further questions
Authentication whitepaper (spreadsheet and relational DBMS for many systems with full src.)
analylinuxwrk.zipSpreadsheet for Linux terminals with relational DBMS, recent port update with all src and doc AnalyRim for Linux, compiles with Gnu F77 (includes src)
Paper about ideas for a more complete authentication system
Paper abut reasons for fraud and considerations for fixing it
Paper about a way to authenticate in presence of malware

Slight rework of old texto steganography for 64 bit linux. Some issues but basic function works. Encodes info as mad-lib sentences so to automata it looks like plain text.

Method to detect MITM after setup of a Diffie Hellman exchange
Discussion of a brain model, Word format
Safety architecture and features needed for a more modern access control system

Evidence that the resurrection of the Christ is exactly as described in the Bible
Some questions about Mohammed
Why the economy is better under Trump IMO
Dr Everhart's prescriptions for medical, energy, wealth inequality
Armwave idea about how information may be retrieved from black holes